Transforming community living and empowering residents through technology, one community at a time.
Our story
‘Ekam Illam’ means ‘Unity of dwellings’, and is derived from two of the oldest Indian languages – Sanskrit & Tamil. Founded in early 2024, we are driven by the belief that residents of each gated community - with similar requirements for household products and services because of socio-economic backgrounds – deserve a better approach to accessing these products and services.
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Our vision
To create a symbiotic relationship between service providers and residents of large communities, thereby delivering great resident experiences while providing a platform for service providers to engage with and enhance the services provided to residents.
Our mission
Streamlining the engagement process between residents and service providers of gated communities
Why Nivasi?

Residents, the primary drivers of local economy, deserve access to a more robust technology driven solution so that they can take informed decisions when working with service providers.

Service providers

Service providers with a good track record or a keen interest to build one deserve to be seamlessly discovered by residents.

Messaging apps can play a limited role at best when it comes to connecting great service providers to residents. Providing solutions to facilitate this connection is our very reason for existence.